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eConscribi eRecruitment enables you to process your applications electronically - and thereby saving you time and money, while increasing the professionalism with which your applicants are handled.
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eConscribi eRecruitment comes ready-to-use – but our easy-to-use Configuration Menu lets you manage and modify fields to your heart’s content.

Organizational Chart

eConscribi eRecruitment can be configured to match your company’s organizational chart.

Applicant Management

Get a complete overview of all applicants per vacancy. Filter the list to view only the applicants who are at a specific step etc,

AAC – Bulk Actions

Need to manage multiple applicants? Simply access the Applicant Action Center for Bulk Handling of Applicants!

Vacancy Management

Keeping the overview is one of the most essential aspects of recruiting! Sort your list of vacancies, Add notes and get real-time information!

Talent Pools

Create an unlimited number of Talent Pools within four different categories. External Talent Pools, Internal Talent Pools, Talent Pools and Headhunter Pools.

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What others say about eConscribi

“I have never been more satisfied with a customer service! The eConscribi support team is always accessible, patient, friendly and very hepful whenever I have a question regarding the software.”

Accedera GmbH

Accedera GmbH

Viola Hoffmann, CEO

“eConscribi eRecruitment is the absolute best that I’ve ever tried! It gives a spot-on overview on otherwise complex HR and recruitment procedures. The truly forefront adaptability makes it very flexible to work across entire divisions and organisations spread in multiple countries.”

ecohyb ApS

ecohyb ApS

Henrik Strauss, Director

Founding Team

Bjorn von Herbst

Bjorn von Herbst

Chief Executive Officer

Bjorn has more than 15 years of sales experience from the IT industry (WM-data, Computer Associates etc.) and more than 10 years of experience working with headhunting, recruitment and outplacement – among others, as founder of the headhunter company Herbst & Partners. Bjorn holds an BCom in HRM and HRD from Copenhagen Business School.

Camilla Lehmann

Camilla Lehmann

SVP, WW Sales & Customer Success

Camilla has a sales background from a Danish IT distributor. Since 2008, she has sold, implemented and supported e-recruitment solutions to a wide range of private as well as public customers. Furthermore, Camilla is currently finishing an Academy Profession Degree in leadership, management and HR from Copenhagen Business Academy.


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