eConscribi eRecruitment comes ready-to-use – but our easy-to-use Configuration Menu lets you manage and modify fields to your heart’s content.

Organizational Chart

eConscribi eRecruitment can be configured to match your company’s organizational chart.

Applicant Management

Get a complete overview of all applicants per vacancy. Filter the list to view only the applicants who are at a specific step etc,

AAC – Bulk Actions

Need to manage multiple applicants? Simply access the Applicant Action Center for Bulk Handling of Applicants!

Vacancy Management

Keeping the overview is one of the most essential aspects of recruiting! Sort your list of vacancies, Add notes and get real-time information!

Talent Pools

Create an unlimited number of Talent Pools within four different categories. External Talent Pools, Internal Talent Pools, Talent Pools and Headhunter Pools.

Job Advertisements

Use our 10 standard templates for your Job Advertisements – modify them – or create you own from scratch. Use the WYSIWYG-editor or HTML – it’s all up to you!

Application Forms

Create multiple application forms to ensure you receive each applicant’s relevant information. You decide which fields should be visible, and which ones should be mandatory.

Apply via LinkedIn

Attract great talent by enabling them to easily apply with their LinkedIn profiles!


Easily find the best fitting applicants for your vacant position with the help of screening questions!

Quick Ranking

Sort your applicants by using the easy two-click Quick Ranking-feature. Who fits, who doesn’t fit and who needs a second look before deciding?


Create unlimited numbers of notes for each applicant – and restrict whom are allowed to see them.

Hiring Committee

Who is the right applicant for the position in question – and who is not? Share your ranking of applicants with your fellow members of the Hiring Committee.

Communications Templates

Use pre-configured email and SMS templates to communicate with applicants and move them through your hiring process.

Search for Applicants

Need to find the needle in the haystack? Find qualified applicants already in your pool of applicants and reduce your time to hire!

User Manuals & eLearning

Online User Manuals and eLearning Video Tutorials will guide you through the implementation and use of the solution.

Comodo (SSL)

eConscribi eRecruitment is covered by a Comodo Enterprise Platinum SSL Certificate.

We hold a website identity assurance warranty of $1,000,000.

Amazon Web Services

eConscribi eRecruitment runs on Amazon Web Services.

For all US customers data is stored in USA and for all European customers data is stored in Ireland.