Applicant Action Center – Bulk Actions

Applicant Action Center – Bulk Actions

Applicant Action Center - Bulk Actions
When you chose eConscribi eRecruitment as your eRecruitment solution it is probably because you want to be a Recruitment Hero. The best way to become this is to handle all your applicants in an effective and timely manner.

In order to do so you need to be able to handle multiple applicants with just one action.

In eConscribi eRecruitment you can simply select relevant applicants and move then to the Applicant Action Center (AAC) via drag’n’drop.

In the Applicant Action Center you can decide how to communicate with applicants, manually change their status, create a calendar appointment, copy or move them to another vacancy and/or Talent Pool, print their information, send their information to a colleague, or do a mass delete.

Communications, Applicants: Enables you to communicate with applicants via email and/or SMS. All communication can be send right away – or you can schedule them for later sending allowing you to handle applicants in several iterations but still communicating e.g. a rejection at the same time for all.
Even though you communicate with multiple applicants, all communication will be personalized with the use of merge-fields for the “personal touch”.

Change Status: Enables you to move the applicants through the recruitment process via change of statuses. When communicating with the applicants the change of status happens automatically, however, should you wish to change applicants’ status manually, this can be done via the AAC.

Calendar Appointments: Enable you to invite applicants for interview and have their confirmation sent directly into eConscribi eRecruitment as well as to your personal email inbox.

Copy Applicant(s): Enables you to copy applicants to other recruitments or talent pools in your organisation – if it is a great applicant, why not share him/her with your colleagues?

Move Applicant(s): Did the applicant – mistakenly – apply for the wrong position? Or do you find the applicant more relevant for another position? Simply move the applicant to another recruitment or talent pool.

Email Applicant Information: Do you want to share some applicants with a colleague – or perhaps a customer – outside of eConscribi eRecruitment? Simply create a PDF file with the selected applicants’ information and email it directly from the solution.

Print Applicant Information: Handling applicants electronically is great! However, in some situations – like an interview – it is still great to have applicants’ resumes and/or applications in hardcopy. In eConscribi eRecruitment, you only need to print one PDF file containing all relevant information and documents for selected applicants.

Delete Applicant(s): This is probably not the feature you will need the most but from a legal point of view, it is of course relevant. Applicants are deleted according to the rules (if any) you set up for automated deletion of applicants -but sometimes an applicant will call you, asking you to delete his/her application as he/she has already found another job. When this happens, you will be glad it is possible to delete applicants manually.

Every action mentioned above can of course also be done for a single applicant as well…


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