Applicant Management – Handling Applicants

Applicant Management

Applicant Management is all about action – we almost dare to say that this is the most important part of an eRecruitment Solution – it is here you get a complete overview of all applicants per vacancy.

Filter the list to view only the applicants who are at a specific step, i.e. “Interview” – and easily see which applicants are still in the process and which are not.

Columns can be customized to your liking – so how many columns – and which ones you want to see – is entirely up to you. Also how many entries you want to view per page – ranking from 5 to all entries.

Applicant Management

System specific pictograms such as notes, current applications, resumes and calendar appointments make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Applicant Management is also where you handle the applicants – and that in an effective and timely manner!

You can create your own Quick Ranking, or rank applicants in cooperation with your colleagues (Hiring Committee) in order to see which applicants rank the best.

No matter if you want to handle the applicants one-by-one or in bulk, this is possible via the Applicant Action Center (AAC). Here you will find functions to communicate with applicants, change their status, move or copy them, print or email their information and delete them. More great functions will continuously be added.

Moreover, if you receive an application via “snail mail” or email, adding it manually to the applicant list is a cinch – and it is up to you to decide how much of the required information you want to fill out in the creation process.

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