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Application Forms

Let us say you are a recruiter at a hospital somewhere in the world and now you have two vacant positions on your homepage. One is a Doctor of Neurology and one is a Gardener for the outdoor area of the hospital. Is it the same information you require from the applicants for these two positions?

No, probably not and that is why eConscribi eRecruitment enables you to create multiple application forms allowing you to get all the applicant’s information right the first time, instead of having to request further information from the applicant or use endless time searching through the resumes to find the relevant information.

Application Forms

When you setup the application form, you decide which fields should be visible, and which ones should be mandatory.

Besides the obvious fields like Title, First Name, Last Name, Address etc. you can – among others – choose fields like Nationality, Marital Status, Social Media Links, Date of Birth etc. etc.
In addition, it not only applies to Personal Information but also Documents. Allow applicants to upload e.g. one resume and one application letter only – or enable one or more extra upload-fields naming them as you find relevant allowing the applicants to upload an unlimited number of documents in each field.

Are you hiring for Blue-Collar positions? Do not worry – you can limit the required information to a minimum and simply ask the applicant to write his/her motivation for applying for the position instead of uploading a resume, application letter etc.
If you want to read more about hiring for Blue-Collar positions, please check out our blog post eRecruitment Solution for Blue-Collar Positions where we elaborate on a question we’re often asked, namely the question “Is an eRecruitment solution applicable for hiring blue-collar positions where applicant information is typically transferred by hand/hard copy?”


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