Become a Business Partner

eConscribi is growing!

As such, we’re looking to establish new relationships with firms in the Americas, Europe and Asia. We currently have two offices in the U.S. and a European office in Copenhagen, Denmark. If you’re interested in partnering with a leading HR recruiting solutions specialist, now’s the time to get in touch!

To see a list of our current Business Partners, please click here.

What is eConscribi eRecruitment?

eConscribi eRecruitment is the market’s most modern, flexible and configurable end-to-end SaaS eRecruitment solution. It helps companies save money and reduce time-to-hire, and it also provides excellent employer branding opportunities for organizations of all shapes and sizes. And since eConscribi eRecruitment is a “one size fits all” solution, as a business partner your market potential will be virtually unlimited!

How will I benefit from a partnership with eConscribi?

eConscribi eRecruitment’s easy set-up and unparalleled support provides a ready-made opportunity to create, maintain and grow strong relationships with your customers. Our industry-leading solutions are “off the shelf – out of the box”, meaning that implementation requires only a browser and Internet access. Furthermore, our focus on the international market means that our solutions will be available in a variety of languages, including most American, European and Asian dialects.

Who are we?

eConscribi’s founders have 10+ years’ experience selling eRecruitment solutions to mid-size and large corporations both public and private. We have the technical knowledge and the industry connections to help you become a successful Business Partner.

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What’s our offer?

As a Business Partner, you’ll gain the following advantages:

  • The right to sell eConscribi’s solutions in your local market.
  • Up-to-the-minute English-language marketing materials (brochures, flyers, product sell sheets, etc.). Also, we’ll help you create materials that specifically target your market.
  • A steady revenue stream with a very attractive earnings split.
  • 24/7 support during the entire sales process.
  • Business Partner conferences where you can meet and interact with other eConscribi Business Partners.
  • Access to a world-class Service Desk to help maximize your sales efforts when the eConscribi eRecruitment orders start rolling in!
  • We handle the development, hosting and continuous updating of our solutions to ensure our Business Partners are privy to the most cutting-edge eRecruitment solutions. After all, your success is our success!

Ready to get started?

Please contact Camilla Lehmann, SVP, WW Sales & Customer Success, at +45 70 22 83 15 for more information!