Back to the Future (of eRecruitment)

Our last post, “eRecruitment’s Future Looks Bright. Pack Your Sunglasses!”, covered eRecruitment’s future, and the impressions and input we took from Zukunft Personal (which, if you recall, translates to “Human Resources’ future”) in Cologne, Germany, last month. We promised to further discuss some terms we’ll be hearing a lot about in the coming weeks and months: Terms like “online assessments”, “online interview tools” and “social media”, and the role that each plays in eRecruitment. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Online Assessments

Online assessments are used to measure certain types of information for a specific purpose. Upon completion, they’re submitted via a network-connected computer. Most often, the assessment is a type of educational test. Instantaneous, detailed feedback, as well as location and time flexibility, are just two of the many benefits associated with online assessments. Many vendors provide online assessments; some charge nothing, and others charge a fee or require a membership. Online assessments have become a very popular recruitment tool, as it’s not only potential CEOs and CFOs who are being screened in this manner, but also diverse candidates for a diverse array of positions. With online assessments figuring to become a mainstay in the recruitment process, ensuring that your online assessment is integrated into your eRecruitment solution can be very advantageous.

Online Interview Tools

It’s becoming more and more common for companies to conduct virtual/online interviews with candidates. Often, these interviews are done via video technology. A video interview typically involves the candidate answering a series of pre-determined interview questions while a webcam records the interview. This is known as a “one-way-interview”, whereas a “two-way-interview” would be one where the interviewer and the interviewee are interacting, i.e. over Skype. Of course, candidates and recruiters still interact as part of a two-way, live interactive interview, but this typically comes later in the interview process. In a high-tech world where physical distance is of decreasing importance in obtaining that “dream job”, online interviews are invaluable. And how cool would it be if you could utilize your online interview tool within your eRecruitment solution?

Social Media

According to, a site that matches a company’s requirements with the right software (i.e. an eRecruitment solution), 94% of recruiters use, or plan to use, social media for recruiting. This number has increased steadily over the last six years, as employers who use social media as a hiring tool enjoyed a 49% improvement in candidate quality over candidates sourced solely via traditional recruiting channels. Moreover, an Aberdeen Group study found that 73% of 18 – 34 year olds found their current job via a social network, and 89% of all recruiters have hired someone through LinkedIn. These numbers point to an obvious conclusion: Social media now plays a huge role in the recruitment process, and has a variety of uses. This directly affects your eRecruitment solution; i.e. when your company searches for specific qualifications in a candidate; when you tell the world about a new vacancy; and of course, when your applicant wants to easily access your eRecruitment solution and provide their social media information.

That wraps things up from our end, but we would looooove to hear your ideas. How would you describe the future of recruiting and the eRecruitment business? What would make your life as a recruiter easier? Don’t be shy – share your thoughts!

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