The eConscribi Blog Identity

Welcome to eConscribi’s blog! We’ll be posting something new every second Monday of the month, with topics covering everything eConscribi, eRecruitment and HR-related. Most posts will be the brainchildren of eConscribi employees, but periodically we’ll welcome a guest blogger with industry expertise and an interest in conveying his/her thoughts on a particular subject of interest/specialty.

We see our blog as a “two-way street” – that is, we welcome your comments and we’ll do our best to answer them. Rebuttals, questions, industry humor, etc. are welcome, but comments that are severely off-topic, offensive or related to “making $500 a day working from home” will be deleted. Hey, we’re trying to run a business here!

Also, like every other blog in the blogosphere, the following disclaimer applies: “eConscribi cannot be held liable for any third-party content that we may link to our blog.”

Now that the legal stuff is out of the way, we’ll be back in touch soon with blogs about the rapidly growing eRecruitment sector, recruiting advice and tips, and eConscribi’s great solutions suite!

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