eRecruitment Solution for Blue-Collar Positions

We’re often asked, “Is an eRecruitment solution applicable for hiring blue-collar positions where applicant information is typically transferred by hand/hard copy?”

The answer is a resounding “Yes!” In fact, it makes perfect sense for the hiring company and the applicants!

For any position, an eRecruitment solution is a better solution than receiving applications via email or post. There are several reasons for this:

1)      An eRecruitment solution ensures that all applicants receive an acknowledgement of application receipt. Recent studies show that approx. half of all job applicants never receive an answer when they apply for a position. Not surprisingly, most of these applicants say that they won’t apply for another position at the unresponsive company in the future, meaning unresponsive companies could potentially miss out on some great talent.

2)      With an eRecruitment solution, there’s no risk of applications getting lost in desk drawers or filing cabinets used by a receptionist, hiring manager, etc. Losing track of applications is a lose-lose for everyone involved, and can lead to two significant downsides: 1) a company can miss out on the perfect candidate, and 2) a company risks violating the law that requires data to be stored for a specific period in a way that protects sensitive info like that which is typically found on a job application.

3)      An eRecruitment solution reduces the man-hours spent handling applications sent in via email or post.

4)      An eRecruitment solution ensures that all applicants are screened using the same criteria. Even better, most eRecruitment solutions do this automatically.

Regarding blue-collar applicants, an eRecruitment solution provides a company with assurances that these applicants, some of whom may possess little IT experience, can easily apply online for a position at your company. Just heed the following advice and you’ll be off and running:

1)      If your blue-collar applicants typically hand-deliver their application directly to your physical location (i.e. in your store or to your receptionist), all you need to do is ensure that you have a PC nearby with the list of vacant positions available, and that your “front line” employees are trained to help and guide blue-collar applicants through the online application process.

2)      Make sure your application form asks for only the most basic information necessary to efficiently process all applicants.

3)      If your business requires a written resume or other documentation (i.e. a visa or a passport), be sure to provide the applicant with the necessary tools (a scanner, for example) so that he/she can transfer this information to you electronically. Also, be sure to mention this requirement in your job posting before the applicant begins the application process.

4)      Reassure blue-collar applicants that using an eRecruitment solution is a better solution for them, as it guarantees that their application won’t get lost, and that they will receive a fair and equal evaluation. You should also remind them that once their information is entered into your eRecruitment solution, they can reuse it for future job postings.


With an eRecruitment solution, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the business of computers and coding or machine tools and warehousing – the system works equally well for businesses and applicants alike!


Until next time,

The eConscribi team

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