eRecruitment’s Future Looks Bright. Pack Your Sunglasses!

eConscribi recently attended the 16th annual Zukunft Personal exhibition in Cologne, Germany. Zukunft Personal is Europe’s largest Human Resources Management exhibition, and this show marked eConscribi’s fourth consecutive appearance. “Zukunft” is German for “future”, and “personal” means, well, “personal”, so “Zukunft Personal” essentially translates to “Human Resources’ future”. The three-day exhibition welcomes a global array of HR decision makers from a variety of organizations, including private companies, government entities and non-profits.

Our booth was busy throughout the show and we had the pleasure of talking with a number of interesting and inspiring HR folks. The only downside to this welcome popularity is that we didn’t have much time to listen to the show’s great speakers; however, while browsing the show’s program, we saw that buzzwords like “qualified employees”, “motivation” and “ROI” (Return on Investment) were common threads in several speakers’ presentations. Moreover, during our many talks with HR professionals of all titles and organizational backgrounds, we continuously heard key terms such as “online assessments”, “interview tools” and “social media”.


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