Certificates – That eConscribi holds


Certificates can come in many shapes and forms – and we must admit that we – in the past – have chosen to spend our time on nurturing and supporting our customers – and not “chasing” certificates.

However, certificates ARE important – we know! They are the ones letting you know, that you can trust our product and us!

We have a few certificates already – see the list below – and we will most definitely get more in the future!

And just to be clear…!

The certificates we talk about on this page are “programs” created by organisations etc. Everything related to security and certificates held by our hosting provider, AWS, can be found here.

Diplomatic Council
eConscribi eRecruitment is approved for international use by Diplomatic Council.

The objective of granting this certificate is to first support software providers to place their software on the global market and secondly to offer to users a decision-making tool and investment security with regards to selecting the right software.

Click the certifcate to learn more about the Global Software Certificate Program.

We are very proud to be approved for international use by Diplomatic Council.