Configuration – The heart of eConscribi eRecruitment


eConscribi eRecruitment comes ready-to-use and fully configured which means that you can hit the ground running and make changes on the fly according to your needs.

Moreover, when we say configuration, we mean configuration/modifications/changes to every aspect of the recruitment process and setup of the solution!

Best of all, you don’t have to send a change request to our Customer Success Team, wait for them to modify the part of the process or setup you require and pay for this (as you have to with other vendors)! Our easy-to-use configuration menu lets YOU manage and modify processes to your heart’s content and to refine configuration and setup to meet your specific requirements.


Organisation: Create your company’s entire organizational department structure with unlimited numbers of departments, sub departments etc.

Set information and settings like e.g. IP-restrictions, email rules, password policy, upload restrictions, eJobagent-settings etc. to inherit throughout your organization or modify information and settings for one or more departments in your organizational department structure.

Read more about the organizational chart here.

Users: Create new users and modify existing ones, view statistics and history of a specific user.

As applicant data is highly sensitive, the law in many markets regulates access to these data, why role-based user access and controls were built into our framework from the very beginning ensuring that data is only available to authorized users.

Workflows: Set up applicant workflows to align the recruitment process to your different types.

Texts: If you do not like our texts internally or facing the applicants, you can change all texts to reflect your internal business terminology.

Screening Archives: Create an unlimited number of screening questions in a structured way.

Screenings: Create an unlimited number of screenings and set up you preferred answer from the applicants.

Read more about screening archives and screenings here.

Applicant Information: Set the amount of information required from the applicants – both mandatory and optional.

Application Processes: Set up as many application processes (applicant forms) as you like and select the relevant template for applicant information, document information and screenings. All tabs and texts in the application process can be modified to your liking.

Read more about applicant information and applications processes (applicant forms) here.

Graphical Elements: Upload all the elements you need e.g. your logo, your page graphics and advertisement graphics to personalize eConscribi eRecruitment towards your users and applicants.

Graphical Templates: Select page graphics and create new or modify our ten standard job advertisement templates. Read more about job advertisement templates here.

Media: Set up a media link within minutes to publish adds on your website, intranet etc. via a seamless iFrame-integration. If you do not know how to create an iFrame, we will help you!

Communications: Create new customer specific email and/or SMS templates or modify existing ones. Read more about communications templates here.

Document Archives: Upload any documents related to recruitment in eConscribi eRecruitment and make sure your users have easy access to them when they need them!

Drop-Down Lists: Modify all customer specific drop-down lists e.g. position categories, position types, social media, workplaces etc., add, edit or delete entries and sort the lists e.g. alphabetically.

Pictograms: Change the color of pictograms and buttons used in the application process.

Talent Pools: Create an unlimited number of talent pools within the four different types of talent pools categories to handle unsolicited applications in a smart and efficient way. Read more about the feature talent pools here.

Application Deletion: Set up the timeframe for automatic deletion of applications to comply with local legal requirements.


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