Hiring Committee (shared ranking)

Hiring Committee

Hiring Committee is the feature that enables you to share your rankings of applicants with your colleagues.

The person who creates the recruitment in eConscribi decides who is allowed to be part of the Hiring Committee and who is the Chairman (if any). The feature – that allows members of the Hiring Committee to rank and comment applicants – will then be enabled for the relevant users. Members of the Hiring Committee will only be allowed to see their own ranking – not letting them be influenced by the ranking of other members.

Hiring Committee
Hiring Committee

When selected to be the Chairman of the Hiring Committee, an extra column with the average ranking for each applicant is opened in the list of applicants.

Furthermore, the Chairman can go to the applicant’s profile and see the Hiring Committee members individual ranking and comments, if required.

This feature not only benefit larger organizations but it simplifies the handling of applicants for all companies where recruitment is a cooperation between two or more people!


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