Job Advertisements – WYSIWYG-editor or HTML

Job Advertisements

Maybe you have a 200 pages design guide telling you what every aspect of your Job Advertisement should look like – or maybe you don’t and are satisfied with a piece of paper with your logo in the corner. Either way eConscribi provides you with unlimited possibilities when it comes to the design of your Job Advertisements.

If you like our 10 standard templates you are ready to start recruiting from the moment you gain access to the solution and have uploaded your company logo.

If you like the overall “look & feel” of the templates but want to modify them with a picture and/or colors that are unique to your company – feel free – the very user friendly WYSIWYG-editor enables you to modify and change everything without being a graphical designer.

You may also create a design for your Job Advertisements from scratch by using the WYSIWYG-editor to insert pictures, logos, buttons etc. in header as well as in footer – or you can switch to HTML-mode and apply your own CSS-layout.

Job Advertisements


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