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Search for applicants

After having used your eRecruitment Solution for a while – applicants have applied to both vacant positions and Talent Pools. Now you have a new vacant position and most likely a couple of relevant candidates already in your pool of applicants – but how to find them?

In eConscribi is no hassle! You can search in the pool of all applicants – or narrow down your search to e.g. applicants in Talent Pools, in specific recruitments, in specific departments etc.

Furthermore, you can filter your search results based on personal information, status, free text search in all the applicants’ documents, yours and your colleagues internal notes as well as all communication with the applicants etc.

Last, but not least, your can filter your search results to only show applicants that complies to a specific screening answer – e.g. only applicants with a valid driver’s license, own vehicle and ready to work evening and night, if you are looking for a pizza delivery guy/girl.

And pssssttt(!) if you want to do the search over and over again, simply save it and retrieve the search result next time it is relevant!


Search for Applicants


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