Talent Pools – Unsolicited applications

Talent Pools

A talent pool is a pool consisting of unsolicited applications, and/or applicants whose applications were processed for a prior job opening, but were not hired.

Talent pools can reduce the time you spend on the hiring process. Having an existing body of unsolicited applications to sort through, or a list of candidates who weren’t right for one position but might be right for another, can save considerable time, money and internal resources.

Talent Pools

Use talent pools to confirm that you have enough applicants to cover your company’s future talent needs and avoid leaving your company vulnerable to potential crises when key employees leave.
In eConscribi eRecruitment you can opt to make your talent pools visible on your company’s homepage, or keep them confidential for internal use only. The four category types of talent pools are:

  • External Talent Pools (e.g. for publishing on your homepage)
  • Internal Talent Pools (e.g. for publishing on your intranet)
  • Talent Pools (for the applicant’s you did not hire for another position but find “talented”)
  • Headhunter Talent Pools (for the people you read about in the newspaper or business cards you receive – and that could be potential applicants in the future).
  • Order the different talent pools in e.g. position categories like sales, marketing, production or the like and make sure applicant complete the application form e.g. including screening questions relevant for just this talent pool.

    And hey, it also saves you the trouble of having to sort the applicants in the talent pools after receiving their registration!

    Last, but not least, limit your users’ access to talent pools within a specific talent pool category or within a specific area (position category) – that is, IF you want anybody else than yourself to have access to the top talent.
    Read more about Talent Pools in our blog post Prepare for every eventuality with a dip in the Talent Pool! Actually, we find this topic SO important, that it was the first blog post we ever wrote!


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