Vacancy Management – List of Recruitment

Vacancy Management

Keeping the overview is one of the most essential aspects of recruiting!

Knowing this we have put a lot of thought into vacancy management.

Looking at one long list of recruitments will not provide you with the overview you need – and therefore we have packed this feature with loads of functionality.

Vacancy Management

Active/inactive recruitments: Select whether or not you want to view all your recruitments or you want to hide e.g. inactive recruitments from your Vacancy Management.

Role: Select to view all recruitments or only recruitments where you are Recruitment Responsible, Hiring Manager, Recruitment Participant or a combination thereof.

Organization Chart: View recruitments in the department, where they were created – or view recruitments across the organization chart.

Furthermore, you decide which columns are required (e.g. how many applicants have applied, the status of each applicant in the recruitment process, where the recruitment is or has been published etc.) in order to provide you with the best overview of your recruitments and therefore you can enable/disable columns as you like!

When you have found the relevant vacancy, you are ready to get to work – modify the recruitment or start handling applicants.

With eConscribi eRecruitment, you decide what information is relevant to you!


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